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The information technology (I.T.) industry is the youngest and fastest-growing industry globally because businesses today cannot function without it. Their success lies on two key factors, (a) access to technology and (b) access to skilled labor. This is the reason why the I.T. Industry is so successful.

Partner With UsSince IT is the leading industry of the economy, skilled professionals with expertise in high demand areas such as Programming, Technical Support, Engineering, Database, Information Warehousing, Networking, Web Development, Research, Internet and E-Commerce are urgently needed to create, operate, design, maintain, program and deploy information and communication technology solutions.

To meet this challenge, Aptech has joined the global movement to create more knowledge workers and job-ready professionals. Aptech has evolved as a global career education company, branching out in Multimedia and Animation, Hardware & Networking, English Language training, and Aviation & Hospitality Training.

Today Aptech has a presence in more than 40 countries like Vietnam, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Syria Jordan and many more.

The Aptech franchise model is based on intensive research and extensive experience of 28 years in setting up and operating more than 1305 franchise centers worldwide. The model ensures that:

  • Maximum profits accrue to the Business Partner.
  • Ownership of the center is with the Business Partner.
  • Business Partners get ample operating freedom for using their business acumen to the fullest to expand the business.

Aptech already has a successful alliance with many satisfied business partners across the globe. Those who have associated with us have grown and prospered.

As an Aptech franchisee, you invest in a partnership perfectly suited to the current digital economy in the field of training and education. As a franchise owner, you are given access to more than a decade of business experience and a proven business model. You will be able to offer products and services that have been hugely successful and widely accepted in many markets, and a brand name that people are already familiar with.

  • Rights to use the brand names
  • Technical know-how on setting up the centre, focusing on ‘zero gestation period’ & on developing early revenue streams
  • Sustainable revenue model
  • Validation of laboratory/ centre equipment
  • Course content & teaching methodology
  • Teaching aids for delivery of courses
  • Comprehensive student courseware
  • Examination & certification systems
  • Assistance in training & certification of trainers
  • Training of marketing & administrative personnel
  • Support in pricing products & services
  • Help in formulating marketing strategies
  • Internet-based centre automation software procedure manuals
  • Periodic content upgrade
  • Ongoing technical & marketing support
  • Suitable premise (typically 300 to 500 square metres of carpet area) with sufficient scope for future expansion
  • Classroom & administrative infrastructure
  • Computer laboratory
  • Recommended hardware & software
  • Well-stocked student reference library
  • Adequate personnel to staff the centre
  • Statutory license/ approvals as may be required in that particular city/ country

Most importantly, the franchisee provides the entrepreneurial drive, local contacts and support.

In short, everything we do is geared toward ensuring that our franchise partners are able to meet the demands of today's challenging business environment and own a business that is fun, profitable and easy to operate.