Open Source Technologies

Open Source Technologies (OST) are the most popular technologies in the world. Open Source applications are those that provide their source code for others to read and build upon. There are a number of licenses commonly used by Open Source applications including GPL, LGPL, MIT, MPL and more. The Linux operating system is synonymous with Open Source software, as the code for the Linux kernel and much of its supporting application base is Open Source. However, every operating system, including Windows and MacOS, has Open Source applications written for them.

Technologies like Linux Operating System, Apache Web Server, Database Programming with MySQL and Web Application Development with PHP Project are all absolutely essential for the operation of any application or web/computer-based product. The learning modules for various OSTs are displayed in the table.

Learning Module Learning Outcomes
Linux Developing applications using Open Source Technologies
Work on Linux Operating system
Perl Create CGI scripts using Perl
PHP Use PHP to develop web pages
Apache Deploy web pages using Apache Web Server
MySQL Design and create databases using MySQL database engine

Advanced Diploma in Network Engineering

Merely acquiring a Networking Certification is no longer the gold standard in networking qualifications. Networking requirements are getting more complex and industry requirements for networking professionals have also undergone a sea change over the last few years. Increasingly Network Administrators are expected to have skills spanning networking, hardware trouble shooting, internet management, security and database administration.

To become a first-rate networking professional, you need a first-rate networking course that builds upon a wide range of hardware and software technologies. The Advanced Diploma in Network Engineering (ADNE) from Aptech is a comprehensive hardware and networking curriculum designed to impart these most 'in-demand' hardware and networking skills.

ADNE trains you for as many as 12 international vendor certifications to give your networking career that extra edge. It is aimed at both students considering a career in networking as well as existing professionals who wish to improve their skill set and career prospects. The entire program has a 'hands-on' approach to learning. Upon completing this program, students acquire the basic skills required to qualify for international vendor certifications.